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Timeless Scandinavian Elegance: Interior Decorator Nellie Fasth’s Stylish Apartment in Central Malmö

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With a calm base and a contemporary Scandinavian style characterized by personal and playful touches, Nellie Fasth's serene apartment reflects her passion for design and her love of quality and timelessness.

Nellie Fasth, an interior decorator at a real estate firm in Malmö, lives in the charming neighborhoods around Davidshall Square in central Malmö with her partner Alexander. Together, they have renovated and decorated a magnificent apartment on the fourth floor that embraces Scandinavian style with a sober and muted color palette that combines classic design and contemporary details.


Nellie's passion for interior design has been with her since childhood and is something she has worked with on a daily basis for the past six years. Her relationship with design and interior decoration is always present, something that she truly breathes and has an incredibly strong interest in.

“My interest for interior decoration and design has developed naturally. Already as a child I thought it was very fun and inspiring to experiment with how different items take on various expressions when placing them in different contexts. I have always known that I wanted to do something creative.”

Nellie Fasth

Her own style is minimalistic and stylish, with personal and playful touches in the form of quirky details, where everything has its own designated place.

"My style has developed throughout the years as I have matured and become more courageous. I no longer regard stated rules that exist, but rather I dare to push boundaries a little more."


Nellie describes herself as an easy-going, fun, and organized person who appreciates her daily routine. For her, it is important that her home is a central, calm, and safe point in her otherwise hectic life as an interior decorator. It is clear that Nellie has a great love for quality and personalized spaces. She has a weakness for design classics and likes to browse auctions and buy second-hand at various flea markets.

"My home feels really cozy to me. It is warm and safe with a calm base, and everything has its place. There are many classic details and furniture and a lot of Scandinavian design. Stylish but with a touch of the unexpected."


"Our favorite part of the apartment is definitely the kitchen as you are automatically drawn there. It is such a lovely social place to spend time in, and it is so cozy with the bay window where you can sit and look out onto the street. But I also love the feeling when you come into the apartment, the arch and sightline when you walk through the door."

Nellie is influenced and inspired by finding details and likes to mix different materials and styles, creating an interesting contrast. That is where she feels it all really comes together.


"That's when it really becomes great. In fact, I think it's almost a must, it's only then that it becomes interesting in my opinion. It otherwise might feel very flat as everything is uplifted more when standing in contrast to something that is completely different. Glass, for example, makes me really happy. It is so delicate and beautiful compared to steel, stone, and ceramics. It feels luxurious and contributes to a nice mix in combination with other materials."

According to Nellie, Orrefors products have always been an inherent part of Swedish homes. She considers Orrefors' 125th anniversary as evidence of quality and timeless design and believes that the brand has skillfully updated its design language while preserving its elegant and graceful essence.

Nellie describes the Cut in Number series by Ingegerd Råman, which is present in her home, as a genuine display of craftsmanship, featuring a minimalist and contemporary design that is also incredibly timeless, ensuring that it will always have a place in her collection.


“Orrefors has always been very secure in its expression, where you can still see that the design language has slowly developed and changed, but still clearly exudes quality. Over the years, the design has been modernized in its own way, but you can still see Orrefors' signature in every object. It is elegant, classic yet incredibly stylish."


Nellie's home is a reflection of her personality and design philosophy, combining playfulness and organized calm, quality and a personal touch, as well as classic and contemporary elements.